Good times
are brewing in Saratoga Springs

February 22nd - February 26th, Saratoga Springs City Center

Seltzer & Cider Night Postponed to 2/26

DUE TO WEATHER, WE WILL BE POSTPONING TO SATURDAY! On Saturday, your Seltzer & Cider night tickets will be valid for Saturday's Beer Summit for either session (1:00-4:00pm or 5:00 - 8:00pm). We'll have ciders & seltzers for you to sample.. plus, tons of beer. If you looking to snag a last minute tickets, make sure to head on over to the 'Buy Tickets Now' button on the top of the page!

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Ticket Type

Ticket Types

Pricing Calendar

Pricing Calendar

11/26/21 Through 11/29/21
(Expires Mon. night)
Cider and Seltzer Night GA-$30
Beer Summit VIP-$55 GA-$35
11/30/21 Through 2/18/22
Cider and Seltzer Night GA-$35
Beer Summit VIP-$60 GA-$40
2/19/22 Through 2/24/22
Cider and Seltzer Night GA-$40
Beer Summit VIP-$65 GA-$45
Cider and Seltzer Night GA-$45
Beer Summit VIP-$70 GA-$50

Event Information

➤ Designated Driver tickets are $10 and are available at the door only.

➤ If the event sells out in advance, DD tickets will still be available at the door.

➤ Must be 21 years or older, no children can attend.

➤ Last POUR will be 10 minutes prior to session end time. This means no samples will be poured after this time.

➤ No outside food or beverage - BUT, pretzel necklaces are encouraged.

➤ ID check will begin approximately 30 minutes prior to doors opening.

➤ There will be a line upon entering but it will move quickly.

➤ Everyone who has their ticket, can proceed to the same entry line.

➤ Attendees may not leave with any beer, no exceptions will be made.

➤ Food may be purchased by Esperanto's on site

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Yes, Designated Driver tickets are $10 but are available at the door only. Even if we are sold out in advance, Designated Driver tickets tickets will still be available at the door.