Event Guide

General Event Info

Saturday, February 24th
Saratoga City Center

VIP from 12-4 PM: 4 hours of sampling, access to a special VIP area with exclusive beers, commemorative tote bag, and a souvenir glass
GA from 1-4PM & 5-8PM: 3 hours of sampling and a souvenir glass

Parking is available at the City Center’s Garage (Maple Ave) or metered street parking.


Less than 500 tickets left, so get your ticket now!

  • Everyone with a ticket will proceed to the same line.
  • There will be a line upon entering but it'll move quickly once doors open.
  • Security will be checking your ID at this time.
  • Staff scanning tickets can help those looking to purchase a Designated Driver ticket.


  • Make sure to bring a designated driver with you or plan for a cab or public transportation
  • Quadruple check that you have your ID… even if you’re 102 years old. In order to enter, you must present a valid ID showing you were born on or before February 24th, 2003.
  • Have your tickets with you… whether they are in hand or on your phone, you must have your tickets in your possession to get inside the festival
  • Wear comfortable shoes; you will be on your feet a ton. There will not be seating available.
  • Bring cash, we can’t guarantee that all of our vendors and partners will be able to accept credit cards.
  • Eat! All of these delicious samples will leave you hungry… plus, you need that protein to keep you going.
  • Keep your sample glass! Your future house party will thank you.


  • Please don’t bring children. For the safety of your child, as well as for your own enjoyment. Plus, they won’t be able to get past the doors.
  • Don’t bring any outside food or beverages.
  • Don’t break your glass, that thing is your golden ticket to endless delicious samples. Care for that glass as you would your first born.
  • Don’t go too fast! No one wants to be “that guy” at the beer festival, so sample responsibly.
  • Don’t forget to try your favorites before last pour of the first session at 3:50pm and last pour of the second session at 7:50PM. No samples served after those times.
  • Don’t expect to take any alcohol with you. It’s state law — no alcohol can leave the premises.
  • We can’t stress this enough, please do not drive after enjoying the festivities. Call a cab, call your mom, call Jennie at 867-5309, get a dog sled, anything, but please don’t drink and drive.